Some patients have graciously shared their experiences working with Boundless Health & Wellness. 

     I would describe myself as an intrinsically active person, growing up with: baseball, climbing, yoga, pole dance, a lifetime of farm work and a passion for outdoor adventuring. A chronic illness and a hip injury, from either pole dance or kite boarding, brought my active lifestyle to a screeching halt. After dead end experiences with several medical professionals over 5 years, I had given up on doctors, treatments, or the hope for help and dedicated myself to either ignore the pain I was experiencing or just learn to live with it. Then I stumbled across Jennifer, who encouraged me to face and treat the health problems I attempted to just bare and ignore for such a long time.

Jennifer Reyna introduced me to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, healing me from the inside out, and the outside in, with a comprehensive and holistic approach. She tailors her treatment plan to my specific needs every session and it turns out I respond very well to a specific combination of moxa, cranio-sacral, acupuncture, herbal formulas, essential oils and diet recommendations.

Jennifer revived me from being absolutely sedentary, and broken, to now voraciously hiking 5-17 miles per day through the mountains. Jennifer not only treated my physical ailments but also addressed the mental and emotional support required with overcoming injury, illness and/or pain. This personalized, adaptive, and holistic approach to medicine is what resonates so much with me.

Throughout my time with Jennifer, she got me in touch with an excellent physical therapist who helped accelerate the improvement of my hip in conjuncture with my acupuncture sessions, and provided recommendations on finding health care professionals in different countries while I was travelling. Jennifer even managed to help me work through some knee and foot pain while I was thousands of miles away, trekking in the Andes mountains. I now find myself coming to Jennifer for more than just the occasional aches and pains I pick up. Jennifer has helped me with my: eating and sleeping habits, menstrual regulation, energy levels, body awareness and overall mindfulness.

Jennifer has continually kept herself updated on the latest research and breakthroughs, sharing her findings with me and perhaps most importantly, she asks questions and listens to what I have to say. She knows how and when to deploy her arsenal of tools available in Chinese Medicine and takes the time to teach me what I can do for myself to find relief. Ultimately, with Jennifer, I have learned how to help myself.

Whether you are seeking treatment for a quick fix or are looking for relief via a long-term treatment plan for something chronic, Jennifer will take the time to create solutions specifically designed for your body, your emotional needs, your mental state.

I resolutely recommend Jennifer.

- Kat


Jennifer is amazing! I was very nervous since it was the first time ever doing facial rejuvenation acupuncture but Jennifer educated me and walked me through the process. She has a very calming and warm energy about her, which made me feel comfortable and know I was in good hands. I thought it was going to hurt but it was actually relaxing! After one session of facial rejuvenation, my face was brighter and clearer, and even my husband noticed! Highly recommend this. Definitely more natural and cheaper than Botox.

-Jes Eckelman


     Seventeen years ago, I was in a really bad car wreck that left me in a coma with a broken neck, brain trauma and a multitude of other injuries. By far, Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been the most effective and beneficial treatments for my ailments. It has been so great to have Jennifer on “my team” the last couple of years. She has been very supportive and encouraging of me making lifestyle and diet changes to better my health. She’s ready and willing to show up and be there for me wherever I’m at in the treatment plan. There’s no judgement, just care, and I am so grateful for her presence in my life. Without her I would have a lot less hope and be a lot less healthy.

Jennifer has repeatedly made miracles happen for my health. My menses had always been very painful, lengthy and had caused severe anemia due to heavy blood loss for the previous 25 years. Within two months of seeing Jennifer, the pain and cramps almost entirely went away and the blood loss was decreased by 90%. This is just one of the many ways that Jennifer has helped me. She is kind and compassionate with an excellent bedside manner, but I think what makes Jennifer such a great health Chinese medicine doctor is her insatiable curiosity. I have had several doctors basically give up on me because they couldn’t figure out what was causing my symptoms, but Jennifer just digs in deeper and works until that Eureka! moment.

I would highly recommend Jennifer Reyna to anyone looking for acupuncture or Chinese medicine.



     I came to Jennifer after a car accident that left me in such severe neck pain that I struggled to turn my neck, which made work and driving incredibly stressful. I came into her office a complete wreck - crying and barely able to hold it together I was in so much pain. Jennifer was incredibly kind to me when I felt most vulnerable and I felt like she was really listening and responding to my concerns. After the first visit my pain was immediately reduced and I actually left smiling! As I continued treatment my pain got better and today my neck pain is gone! My only regret is that I wish I had gone to see Jennifer sooner. I have a tendency to wait until my pain is unbearable to address it and I kick myself a little every time I think about the weeks of sleepless nights and unfocused work days I could have saved myself from. I continue to see Jennifer to help manage stress and I always leave feeling a renewed sense of calm and relaxation. I highly recommend Jennifer!

- Kaitlin


     I went to see Jennifer after a concussion, and I was terrified about using needles, but she made sure I was comfortable and felt safe. I felt it working, as my headaches decreased pretty soon after going. I realized acupuncture wasn't actually anything to be scared of and it actually can help. I also did the cupping thing and it was actually really relaxing and felt cool and strange. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone because she is really flexible to your comfort levels.

- Mikaela 


     Acupuncture with Jen has been the most amazing thing in my life. She is kind and is always honest with you. Ever since I started acupuncture with her, my allergies have gotten better and my nose is less stuffy. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants a great acupuncturist. 

- Brayden


     I have always been an active person who has thrived off of an adventurous lifestyle and then I herniated the disks in my lumbar spine. After 2 months of unsuccessful physical therapy, my PT said I might need surgery. Not wanting surgery, I switched physical therapists and she referred me to Jennifer for acupuncture. I had been to acupuncture before and thought it was nice, but not all that effective. Luckily my physical therapist was insistent that I try working with Jennifer and I finally booked an appointment.

Jennifer has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined. She has turned on and off the muscles in my body like they are light switches that just needed to be flicked. My body has straightened out from its hikes and rotations that put so much stress and pressure on my back.

Jennifer used moxa on the SI joint in my hip which was so stretched out and loose I thought it was totally shot. She has used tuning forks to activate my long forgotten muscles and used cupping to relax my overactive hip flexors. I've done years of yoga, pilates, massage, dance, physical therapy, and even some acupuncture, but never have I seen such a change in both the shape and tone of my body. My glutes have always been weak, and now they do a lot of work and look amazing to boot.

Jennifer has addressed my diet and prescribed herbal formulas that make made a tremendous difference in how badly I bruise and how quickly my body recovers. It's crazy, but she's the first person I call when something is off, when my low back is aching, my shoulder injury from sailing, menes issues, or when I stupidly eat something I shouldn't have. It's all connected. It's like my body is a bunch of stars and I finally know some of the constellations.

- Naiomi Reichman


     Jennifer treats me regularly for muscular skeletal complaints, including joint, ligament and nerve pain. With her help, I've been able to lead a much more active life than I previously was, with far less daily pain and injuries. Her treatments are very thorough and I know she is putting 100% of her energy into each session. During the winter cold season, when I have a tendency to get ongoing sinus and bronchial infections, I know I can see her preventatively and avoid so many of the viruses my kids bring home, and if I do come down with something, kick it fast instead of months of misery. Perhaps one of the best perks, though - when I suffer insomnia, one visit to see her and I have up to a week of sound, deep full nights sleep. She is definitely talented and passionate about her work, and I would highly recommend her.

 -Becky Lundberg


     As a result of seeing Jennifer, I have experienced significant pain relief ranging from general muscle aches and pains, pregnancy pains, migraines, hormonal issues, and severe back pain.

My entire family has had the pleasure of being treated by Jennifer too, and we all have experienced great health benefits. Her bedside manner is warm and welcoming and I appreciate how thorough and knowledgeable she is with my care and treatment.  I am confident recommending Jennifer to friends and family for ongoing health care needs, specialized care, and basic wellbeing.

-Shanna Moro


My experience with Jennifer has been nothing but amazing. I came to her shortly after being diagnosed with small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and was experiencing sharp and frequent pain along with bouts of constipation and diarrhea - who knew you could have diarrhea and constipation at the same time. In addition to this, I was going through what I consider to be one of the hardest times of my life - my business was consuming my life and my marriage and health were suffering as a result of it. When I first experienced acupuncture and the approach Jennifer took to it, I knew that it would forever be apart of my health protocol. I truly believe that Jennifer’s care sustained my body through a period of life that would have otherwise been devastating. Jennifer is both highly informed and intuitive in her practice. Her expectations for herself as a practitioner are exceedingly high and her markers of success are tangible improvements in her patients. She has a gracious candor that comes without judgement or criticism and I can’t speak highly enough about her or her work.

-Rachelle Lazenby