functional nutrition

Food is medicine. Or at least it can be. 

With the wealth of conflicting nutrition information out there, you need a resource you can trust, who's done the research for you, who understands the realities of taking dietary change to the next level. 

You are unique. Your physiology, and your symptoms, are the way they are today because of so many factors which are unique to you. You are an individual with a particular history, body, and lifestyle. You also have goals and dreams that are unique to you. We work with all of these factors to create a custom-made plan for you.

During my illness, I discovered that food was not just something that I enjoyed exploring at the local farmer’s market, or preparing for family and friends, but that it also held tremendous curative properties. This empowered me to make dietary changes to help heal myself and my family. 

I’m passionate about continuing my own education, but also about educating my patients. I simplify nutrition to help you understand why a particular dietary change may be needed to help you meet your goals.

What makes our curative plans so successful? 

  • We recognize that you are an individual with unique needs. Rather than trying to fit your symptoms into a one-size-fits-all formula, we take the time to get to know
    what works for you and your life. 
  • We help you remove the top inflammatory culprits in your diet and lifestyle. 
  • We’re with you every step of the way!

Note: Our work is most successful with people who are willing to make significant changes in their diet and lifestyle in order to get better.